I'm Marcy Morrison, Corporate Wellness Consultant and owner of Healthy Fit Family and HFF Corporate.

 I have been in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years.  After owning a successful fitness and wellness center in south Florida, I switched to exclusively working with corporations.  I have not only sold health and wellness programs to corporations, but I now own a corporate wellness consulting company where I start and manage wellness programs for both large and mid sized corporations and municipalities.  That means that  I am in charge if finding and hiring people just like you for the corporations and municipalities that I represent.  I know what these companies are looking for and I will help you every step of the way to get your programs and services into corporations so you can amplify your brand, amplify your impact and amplify your profits!  

Throughout my career I have worked with both large and small corporations and municipalities.  To date, I have worked with over 150,000 employees and their family members.  This work has not only been life changing for my business, it has been life changing for me!  I have been able to impact peoplr who could otherwise never afford my services and that is my passion and my purpose!


Ryan Bringhurst
Marcy's positive energy and influence has opened my eyes to an incredible way to serve people more effectively and grow my business.  She helped me sell my online 6- wk program to my first corporate client. I recently got accepted to offer that same program to 5 branches of SAS Retail Services, an international service provider.  I am excited about the possibilities to help more people through local, national and international corporations.

Susan McCormick
Marcy's coaching has been so powerful for me. Her guidance has helped me create a financial wellness program that companies want to buy. Her program helped me understand how to structure the offer so that it is easy for corporations to see exactly how I can help their employees. The possibilities for my company working with corporations are limitless!

Sarah Boxx
Marcy Morrison is masterful at blending content, coaching, teaching and group sharing.  The support and guidance I get from Marcy and the other members  of the CCC Inner Circle is extremely valuable and has helped me think more strategically and practically about my business and corporate clients.