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I help health and wellness professionals get their programs and services into corporations so they can amplify their brand amplify their impact, and amplify their profits.

I want you to know how powerful a corporate client can be for your business and I want you to know that you can make it happen!

        Corporate Coaches Collaborative

Amplify your brand, your impact, and your profits

Are you a health or wellness entrepreneur who would like to have a bigger impact and reach more people with your programs and services? If you are in the health and wellness industry, you likely didn't go into it to get rich.

In fact, I can almost bet that you have given away your services more than once. We've all done it so we can offer our services to people who need us but can't necessarily afford us.

And, we have all struggled to find our perfect client in our perfect tiny niche who can also afford our services! It's exhausting!

Many health and wellness entrepreneurs would love to get their programs and services into corporations, organizations, and municipalities but just don't know where to start.

Having a local or national client on your resume, website, and other promotional materials will immediately amplify your brand, give you instant credibility, and create a brand new income stream for you.

This can be a game-changes for your business!

Employers want healthy, happy and engaged employees. They understand the need for comprehensive health, wellness, and well-being programs to help their employees get healthy and stay healthy.

If your programs have helped your clients 1-on-1 or in small groups, your programs can help employees and their family members and you can work with corporate clients!

The  goal of CCC  Inner Circle  is to help you make massive progress and create programs and services that will sell to corporate clients so you can amplify your brand, amplify your impact and amplify your profits!   We will help you:

  • Create Strategic programs that will sell to local and national businesses and municipalities
  • Identify local businesses to engage in your programs
  • Price and structure your programs so you have exactly what corporations want and you get paid what you deserve
  • Identify the most important pain points for that business or organization (even if you have never walked in their doors)
  • Identify the pain points and wellness needs of organizations in the United States and around the globe
  • Create programs, courses, and workshops that can dramatically amplify your profits and you impact
  • Create online programs – even if you have no tech experience
  • Un-niche your offer to make it ACA Compliant under the Wellness Programs Final Rules (You'll learn all about this very important component of corporate wellness)
  • Create sales scripts that will sell exactly what you do and give them exactly what they need
  • Sell your online programs to corporations and create ongoing engagement to help employees transform their health and the health of their families
  • Understand the selling/buying cycles for wellness programs through employee benefits
  • Price your offer whether you are a beginner or already have an established business
  • Name your program so it SELLS to corporations

As a member of CCC circle, you will also get:

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Marcy's positive energy and influence has opened my eyes to an incredible way to serve people more effectively and grow my business. She helped me sell my online 6-wk. program to my first corporate client. I recently got accepted to offer that same programs to 5 branches of SAS Retail Services, an international service provider. I am excited about the possibilities to help more people through local,national and international corporations. 

Ryan Bringhurst

Before working with Marcy, I had NO idea how to reach out to organizations and communities to share workshop opportunities and programs that could benefit their employees. Now, I have several opportunities under my belt and feel confident and capable in my abilities to reach out to organizations, share my programs, and support them by bringing wellness to their employees. I'm so excited to serve in a bigger way, impact more people, and grow my business! Thank you, Marcy! 

Dawn Pensack

Marcy Morrison is masterful at blending content, coaching, teaching and group sharing.  The support and guidance I get from Marcy and the other members of the CCC Inner Circle is extremely valuable and has helped me think more strategically and practically about my business and corporate clients.  

Sarah Boxx

I'm Marcy Morrison, Corporate Wellness Consultant and owner of Healthy Fit Family and HFF Corporate.

I have been in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years.
After owning a successful fitness and wellness center in South Florida,
I switched to exclusively working with corporations.

I have not only sold health and wellness programs to corporations, but I now own a corporate wellness consulting company where I start and manage wellness programs for both large and mid-sized corporations and municipalities.

 That means that I am in charge of finding and hiring people just like you for the corporations and municipalities that I represent.
I know what these companies are looking for and I will help you every step of the way to get your programs and services into corporations so you can amplify your brand, amplify your impact and amplify your profits!